February 16, 2015

Weeknotes January 2015

New year, new productivity. New toys, new styles, new projects. New new!

Global Game Jam 2015 / Pond
Another year, another Global Game Jam. This year I made the game “Pond” with an awesome team. Read more the blog-article.

Global Jame Jam Cologne

Presentation about to start – lots of audience.

Minecraft / Pixelart-Jams
I finally obtained a copy of Minecraft and made some random things, between other stuff I build a museum-hall in Minecraft.


Inspired by the simple block-style I began a series of Minecraft-inspired 2D-pixelart-jams.

The first work, a simple building with textures similar to Minecraft.

After some modifications I became obsessed for a while with drink-crates.

Most recent work: also stacked computers are possible.

Another variation, embracing architecture and a scene background.

There were also some non-minecraft related pixel-jams: one, two.

The Dingfabrik e.V. was hosting another Dorkbot event. You might get the feeling of the event, when you look at the pictures… Yes, we are NEEEEERD FRIENDLY!




Pyxel Tilemap to fuccboiGDX parser Update
The “Mogamett”-framework for Love2d was updated and re-released under a new name. It is now called “fuccboiGDX“. I made some minor updates to the Pyxel parser for generating tilemap-code.

Polaroid CUBE
A new toy, the Polaroid CUBE. Here you see a first test-shooting. I really love the wide-angle, the distribution of color and the ability to make decent shoots even in dark situations.

Here is another shot and a second and a third one.

Passagen 2015
Passagen 2015 was nice again. Here’s a little picture with me and ny co-worker slogmen, sitting of the nicely made laser-cutted couches named “ruggles” made by Christiane Strauss.


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