March 15, 2015

Weeknotes February 2015

February! Once again, shortest month of the year, mixed up with carnival-out-of-the-ordinary state in Cologne. But nevertheless some new stuff!

Just a normal day in Cologne…

Oscillot for Ableton Live

I obtained myself a copy of Oscillot – a modular patch system for Ableton Live realized in Max for Live. The basic design is inspired by the Nord Modular and indeed, it is much fun to patch and combine with with the high quality audio-fx from Ableton Live. I post some patches on YouTube from time to time.

Algorithmic music with PureData and Ableton Live

There was no footage on YouTube showcasing making algorithmic music in PureData with Ableton Live as audio-engine. I had to change this fact and published this video.

ALT trifft NEU
At Dingfabrik we started a new series, where “new members can meet old members“. We cook and talk!

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