August 18, 2012

Configuration No 8 – for km temporaer

km temporaer is an exhibition in Berlin starting Octobre 2012. More infos about the project will be available at the website

I will show a new piece called Configuation No 8 – a tableau of similar pictures based on the
Each of the 16 Pictures wil be available for sale separately. The price of the individual parts will double after one piece is sold. When a picture is sold it will be replaced with another one showing the value of the sold one.
Furthermore the artbuyer gets his paid money back when the next part is sold.

When the exhibition is finished there will be a new artpiece produced by the logic and rules of the market, named after the value of the last sold part.

Configuration No 8 at the beginning of the show

Configuration No 8 after selling and exchanging 3 parts
For example, at this point it would be named ‘berlin piece #8‘.

Hope to see you in Berlin this autumn.