February 12, 2007


Bonoboblogs is an agglomerated blog of people that tend to be clever and have fresh and open views on computing games. We fill the gap between experimental gameplay, game design and theory.

The topics here are in-between experimental games, independent games, pixelart, tools, game design, theory and art. The people who contribute love things, colors, people, monkeys, love.

We are still searching for more contributors, especially from Germany. It would be best if you are a small or medium company or designer/artist living in the wider area of Cologne, Aachen or Düsseldorf, that is somewhat related to computing games or media art. We want to use this blog to get connected and to commonly promote our works as well! To contribute you have your own blog and the contents will be mirrored at this place. Also feel free to apply for an account to directly post entries into this blog.

Contact: (without underscores!!)


Bonoboblogs is run by

Martin Wisniowski
Arminiustrasse 8
50679 Cologne


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