December 16, 2014

PureData on Raspberry Pi – Useful Hints and Links


Here is a shot overview of some useful topics for people, who like to get into PureData on the Raspberry Pi.

A pd-rpi workshop repository on github with lots of useful code and links. Don’t miss the Raspberry Pi site on Linux Audio.

Configure the keyboard on Raspberry Pi.

sudo raspi-config

Select the option

Alternative way:
Thread about reconfig the keyboard on Raspberry Pi site. Same topic on Stack Exchange.

Raspberry Pi Tips in the PureData-wiki.

Running PD without GUI (Graphical User Interface).
How to run PD from the command line. On the Raspberry Pi it can be really useful, to run a pd-patch in the terminal mode – without any GUI. It is easy like that:

./pd -nogui mypatch.pd


./pd-extended -nogui mypatch.pd

Here is the link to another tutorial and the complete documentation of the pure-data command line parameters. Very useful for configuring stuff like audio-interface, midi-devices and audio-drivers.

Weeknotes November 2014

Lange Nacht der Museen / Drehkommando
Another Drehkommando with the fun of tweaking audio live. This night we were six people on stage! Before the Drehkommando there were awesome live-acts from Das Blaue Monster, Erich Schall, Cie and Some People Never Go Crazy. I provided live-visuals for this event. Here is a small video. Read more about the night at Der kleine grüne Würfel.

Sonic Pi LiveCoding-Talk at RhineDev-Conf
RhineDev was a new one-day conference in Cologne. It was about bringing together game-developers from the NRW-region. There were many small talks about a big variety of topic. I held a hand-on talk about the Sonic Pi livecode-environment. I just 15 minutes I showed the audience, how to prototype sound-fx and mini music-scores with that Sonic Pi thing.


PuteData DrumSequencer Experiment
At the end of the month I had a small idea for a special kind of drum machine, that generate not too predictable drum sequences. A nice Saturday morning experiment. I guess, I will have to take this idea one level ahead and maybe the result will be a small app.

…the other stuff
The rest of the month I worked on the software for our Flying Orlov media-sculpture, for the Make the Game kids project and had a very nice evening with Cologne’s Demoscene!

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