November 30, 2014

Not too deterministic drum sequencer

A small idea I had this weekend. This study shows that the work of getting my head into algorithmic music and deeper into PureData slowly pays off.

November 11, 2014

Live-Visuals impression at KunstWerk Köln.

A short impression of the installation / live visuals I did last weekend (8. November 2014).

Weeknotes October 2014

Live-Coding, new tools, visuals, music. Another super-active and rewarding month full of tinkering and joy.

There were lots of smaller things going on in October. For example the Railscamp, an event from Rubyists for Rubyists, where I learned about drawing, Arduino and MIDI, skating and other cool stuff, you would not expect from a developer-conference.

At Dingfabrik we had another Repair Cafe and made an one-day travel to an old radio-telescope, that is still active, the so called Astropeiler. I wrote a review in the Dingfabrik-Blog.


Sonic Pi
The live-coding environment Sonic Pi was released in this month. What an awesome tool for live-coding music. This is the very first tune I made with Sonic Pi:

Next I made a videocast explaining how to sync threads in Sonic Pi.

The people at Digitac e.V. in Aachen organized another “Drehbar”. This is where handselected people meet to live-improvise music in front of an audience. The session was really good and we recoded it as well. Besides the recording, we had a good debate about playing electronic music live and skills mature as well. Expect more in the future!

Makers-meetup for Kids
At Dingfabrik we had a meetup of makers and pedagogues. We had lots of great talks and project-pitches about, how to get kinds and young grown-ups into the “making of things”, like you do in a FabLab or a Makerspace. It was an awesome day with highly motivated people. The project will continue also in 2015 and we hope to make the first workshops with kids real soon.

Make the game
I became a “technical assistant” at the project “Make the Game“. It’s a media-art project for kids, where they really make a game, involving storytelling, programming and performance.

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How to live-code music with Sonic Pi with synced threads

I got often asked, if you can code music on the fly without stopping the output. The short answer ist: yes. Use use threads to sync single channels and defines to dynamically overwrite single sound-commands.

In fact, you’ll need a little code-overhead, but once you mastered this technique, live improvisation of live-coded music is possible. I made this video-screencast, that shows how to do it! Feel free to share.