October 30, 2014

Heartbreak Hotel

Let me tell you a story. I live in Germany. Games here are under harsher restrictions. Protection of youth is constitutional. When I received the German Developer Award, a journalist I’ve never met before gave a heartwarming speech on how TRAUMA shows even to the most jaded skeptics that game can be art. On the [...]

October 7, 2014

Weeknotes Sep 2014

Live-Coding, new tools, visuals, music. Another super-active and rewarding month full of tinkering and joy.

Three beamer setup / Live VJing
The month began with a new venue in Cologne, that is still evaluating. I had the great opportunity to setup a 3-videobeamer-VJ night for the very first “hello-world” party (that was connected to the Pirate Summit).

I invited two other VJs and we played almost the whole night together with the DJs. Although we had lots of really small mishaps, this night turned out to be really awesome. The people – the location… still inspiring me today.


Bring your own Beamer (BYOB) at Digital 3mpire gallery

Düsseldorf has a new gallery for net- and new media art, called “digital3mpire“. All made possible by the artist Florian Kuhlmann.

To celebrate the opening, we had a “Bring your own beamer”-Event. On total there were about 11 artists, who were showing their works on the beamers.

Martin_Wisniowski_Sebastian_Blank byob, digital empire Düsseldorf
My work is that one in the corner on the left side

SuperSonic alpha
I released the first alpha-versions of my SuperSonic ruby to pure data live-coding tool.

Here is the link to the supersonic-repository and the releases ready to download.

Now you ask: what can I do with it? Here is a video, introducing the very first features.

PureData Livecoding practise

The September was dominated by my current interesting in LiveCoding. I played a lot with different tools, made patches, exercises and thought lots about “musical” algorithms.

This for example is a mixing-console in PureData, that is able to mix live-coded patches.


And here a made a small improvisation in trying to live-code in PureData from scratch.

Sonic Pi Tutorial
The one or the other has noticed, that there was big release of the Ruby-based music Live-Coding tool “Sonic Pi“. I can encourage everyone to try this tool, because it is just great! I made a video-tutorial, that shows how to make synced-threads in Sonic Pi. Feel free to share!!

MIDI Shields
The Arduino MIDI-shields have arrived and I soldered, tested and programmed the first one. An awesome tool with great possibilities to connect the world of code with professional music hardware.


Pyxel Edit / Pixel Practise
Pyxel Edit is the name of the next “favorite tool” I discovered this month. It is a pixel, tile and sprite-editor that is really well designed and available for all operating systems (because it is build about the Adobe Air virtual machine). Both user interface and features are very balanced.
Here is a small late night sketch I made with Pyxel.


Swift Generative TextPattern
In a “hands-on Swift” minute, I applied things I learned from music-algorithms on generating a text pattern. This is the result: a neat text-pattern generated by a Swift script. I like it a lot!


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