July 9, 2014

Weeknotes June 2014

The first month after the highly intense work on the Orlovact just felt like… nothing. But if you take a look back with me, you will notice, that there is much stuff going on. New paths that are going to get explored.

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1. Wildbeaming Summer Season
Due to Soccer Championship, I thought, we could make something more original, than just take public viewings. In the preselection-rounds of the game I tries to make as many “wild-beamings” as possible. In the end just people sharing their places for this project ran dry. I guess, I have to think about a mobile power solution for the future. This project gave me many insights so far and golden moments as well.



2. Started to make a game again!
Still on a mission to make two games a year since early 2014. The first one was my entry at the Global Game Jam 2014 – the famous Rock, Paper, Scissors Textadventure called Sea of Rock, Paper and Scissors.

The game I currently started to work on will be suited for tables first – it will have some cool and unique characters and will be a little inspired by platformers, but there is also space for new things going on. It should be good playable on tablets and does not have a name yet!

3. Music
Months ago I started to get into music-creation process again. This month some music-sketch leaked into the web. Have a listen to “The Silent Orchestra”.

4. Nodepond Stickers
YES!! Just come and get one – or put me a line if you want one.


5. PureData User-Group Cologne
I finally managed to get the PureData User-Group Cologne up- and running. Dates are posted on the Dingfabrik-Calendar – and the dedicated pdCologne website. A 10 minute work made by own hands. That means, that the Dingfabrik currently hosts the vvvv and the PureData user groups – yay!

Pure Data UserGroup Cologne

6. Agile Games Lab
There is a new meetup-group in Cologne. They are about agile methods and how to use games to teach and/or reach out for better agility. Some of the “Cologne Independent Game Developers Network (CIGDN)” were also present, and I bet this wasn’t the last time we met!

7. Unwetter
Last but not least, we had that nature-event just right in front of our doors. The sky looked in parts like in those science fiction movies. It was just incredible!