June 17, 2014

But It’s Worse in Games Because They are Interactive

FeministFrequency recently released a new Episode of their Series “Tropes vs Women”. This time, they discuss Women as Background Decoration, especially the prevalence of female Sex Workers in Videogames. As always, the critical perspective is welcome and the accumulation of examples is seriously disturbing.

However, I noticed that throughout the episode, the show makes a common argument [...]

June 5, 2014

Netrunner: The Way to Win is Not to Play

I’ve been playing Netrunner for more than 4 Months now. I have caught up with all of the released expansions so far. I went to some major tournaments. I started recording my games. I met some really great people. The game has been good to me.

My initial impression of the game has evolved a lot during [...]

June 4, 2014

Weeknotes May 2014

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1. This month in easy to sum up: Orlov, orlov, orlov! We build the Orlov, we made one vernissage, got covered by the daily newspaper Express and the Droid-Boy Podcast. Then we unbuild the Orlov again, made some corrections, build it again. Another small vernissage. Unbuilding it again, which is still ongoing. A successful month and really hard work as well! But the work was worth it: the media-art sculpture just looks totally amazing in the scale 1:1. The next station for the #orlovact will be the St. Petersburg airport!!


2. There was also the Interactive Cologne 2014 event all over Cologne. It is a Creativity meets Business event, where I contributed with two things:

2a. I curated an game-exhibition at the Interactive Clubnight. It was a game-room, right next to the main-party event. And it was a success: the people had hell of joy at this game floor. Here is a cool review at nerd-gold summing up the experience. By the way, I also showcased my game “Hello Snakey” at this event as well.


(Picture by

2b. I made a talk about Live-Coding at the Interactive Cologne developers conference. All (including me) were satisfied about the goodness, that live-coding can bring to us.