May 11, 2014

Weeknotes April 2014-04

A little late, but here they are: the weeknotes for April 2014!



The kick-off went to a really cool netart-exhibition by Florian Kuhlmann in Cologne. Florian installed a local-based website, that is only available at the Ebertplatz in Cologne. Read more about the project at his website. The opening-event was awesome!


Then there was the 4 hour iBeacon-Hackathon, mainly organized by Jan Kus from Railslove. In 8 hours we learned everything about this new technology and also had hands-on technology. We hacked small projects in just 4 hours – a pure experience for every coder, hehe…



Finally we unveiled the big art project, we are working on for a year now. The ORLOVACT is a 4x4x8 meter huge multimedia art object, that we are manufacturing right at the moment in Cologne. The project contains lots of LED-lightboxes and a rear-video-projection. This object will be devlieved and installed at the Pulkovo international airport in St. Petersburg. I keep you updated about this project in this page as well, in the meantime check the Flying Orlov Webseite and join/like the Flying Orlov Facebook-page.



The RE:VISION 2014 easter demoscene-party was really good. I think I made a new personal best weekly Fitbit-score – not only because of the 5k run. Also some wild-projection with videobeamer in the hall.



Last no least, I gave a PureData-workshop at Dingfabrik with awesome participants. We want to meet regularly with as PureData – User Group now. If you want to participate, feel free to contact me. The dates will be also available at the Dingfabrik-eventcalendar.