April 6, 2014

Weeknotes March-2014-03

Weeknotes March-2014-03

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1. There was some progress on my Ruby-Music-Livecoding-Tool “SuperSonic“.


2. There was some progress on the PureData-based software-synth I am currently working on (still without a name).

3. Lot’s of work on our huge art-project again. We will soon go into the public with that one!

4. At Bames 11 (Beer and Games) we learned about Titanfall (X-BOX) and got a really deep insight into the Ingress-community in Cologne. Thanks!!

5. I attended the vvvv-Meetup #2 at Dingfabrik – the newest User-Group in Cologne. We care about art and technology, that will be glued together with vvvv.

6. Than I attended Robert Babicz Live at Arttheater / Treibstoff-Club. This was a really inspiring night! Showcasing, that playing electronic music live is still something else, that just DJing.


7. Next highlight was the release(-party) of the Squirrel and Bär game by Linda Kruse (The Good Evil). Followed by a meetup of the CIGDN (Cologne Independent Game Developers Network). It seems, that the indie-gamedev-movement in Cologne is slowly taking off… Finally! Many small and bigger projects are being made. Awesome!

8. Attended the Arduino Day at Dingfabrik. It was an relaxed Saturday with showcasing of many cool Arduino-projects. The Arduino-plattform went 10 on this day. This day showed, that Arduino is far away from being a dead one!

9. I was part of the Drehkommando at “Mülheimer Nacht“, KunstWerk Köln. This drehkommando was in public with audience and I think this was one of the best live-drehkommandos we ever had! A live-recording will be made available later this month.


10. We made progress at the Dingfabrik-garden. See two of my famous NodepondLOMO-picture: (one) (two)