February 16, 2014

Rymdkapsel – Space Strategy Game


Everyone should get ready for the game Rymdkapsel – simply one of the best indie-casual games released for a while. In Rymdkapsel you take the command of a space-station and its minions. You have to open monoliths and defend yourself against aliens – making this a mix of a spacial strategy game and a tower defense sort-of game.

What this game makes so special, is the game-balancing . It’s been a while since I’ve seen such an extraordinary game-balacing. This game has a slow pace – a round usually takes between 40 and 70 minutes. Strategic failures can lead to the loss of a 40 minute play – so you have to think ahead oll of the time.

There are two small enhancements I can think of, to make this a really perfect game:

  • 1. The music get really a little bit of loopy after some while. The good thing is: the game has a feature to turn background music off.
  • 2. It would be cool to have a second or even a third level, when finishing all three missions. Like having different maps to start with.

But this are really small issues. Simply get this game Rymdkapsel made by grapefruit games. You will enjoy it!

February 3, 2014

Android Netrunner – The Game Designer’s Game

I recently got into Android Netrunner. It is a card game by Richard Garfield of Magic: The Gathering Fame. It used to be a Trading Card Game itself but never succeeded in that format. It was recently re-released as a so-called “Living Card Game” and is currently enjoying a great deal of attention. I noticed [...]

February 2, 2014

Weeknotes January-2014-01

The January 2014 was a blast: a month full of work, creativity and productivity. The month started unter the impression of two insanely great events (where I made some live VJing as well). First The Ultimate Meeting 2013 (Demoscene Party) and the New Years Eve at Digitac e.V..

Right from the start events were rushing in. At the PASSAGEN14 Alexander Speckmann and I made a projection mapping and at the same time we made at Dingfabrik our first exhibition, our first party and lots of workshops again.

For the projection we took a deep step into OpenFrameworks (my new love, nothing can beat C++)! There is a documentation of the projection mapping project pending. I’ll post it when it will be ready.

The Dingfabrik-party was also a blast. My idea was to try out something new and to make a sort of party, where “things” were standing in the center, instead of just music and booze. I think the whole thing was really successful – we had a acapella choir, Stoffel and I made a small “Drehkommando” (live improvisation on electronic music gadgets), a instant photo machine, that was extremely fun! Not to mention, that I made some live VJing later that night…

January was still not over. The Global Game Jam was coming – and this year it was just so full of awesome – hard to describe. All contributions from the 120 participants at the Cologne Game Lab were great. 2+ hours of presentations, really every contribution was unique with much highlights in between. I also made a game and I am very happy with the result: Sea of Rock, Paper and Scissors – the best Rock, Paper, Scissors Textadventure, that can live in any console! Get it on github! And yes, it runs on a Raspberry Pi, too. Feel free to contribute – I also wrote a little game-design-document.

January still not over! I spent the rest of the month hacking a DMX-control in JavaScript for this still unannounced huge art-project we are working an. And I started a nice little tool together with Thömmes “slogmen” Schrader. The idea is to make a music live coding tool in Ruby, inspired by livecoding in general and by Sonic Pi and Overtone. The development is very early, but there is already a public repository on github: SuperSonic. The name of this project might change.

If productivity will be on that level through 2014, than this will be a good year!