January 11, 2014

Two Beamer Visuals for Jake Rathburn Pt. 2

After the success of the spontaneous live-videobeaming of Jake Rathburns live-performance at Dingfabrik, we decided to make another go and try to make up the idea a little bit. So we set up some dedicated visuals about three weeks later in Dingfabrik Cologne again!

It was an extremely nice evening with lots of people nerding around, with recording sound, making the beamers, the set-up, a small, but cheerful crowd and camera guys, catching all this on video. Here is one of the first cuts from that evening. Thanks go especially to Alexander Speckmann and Daniel Bruns for filming and making the cut!


January 2, 2014

PLEX and Reverse-Free-to-Play

I got a bit into EVE Online recently. I find it interesting since it represents a slightly different way of thinking about online games – one that seems to run against the practices established by World of Warcraft / Farmville at times. One instance in which I was struck by this is in the implementation of the [...]