November 24, 2013

Weeknotes Nov-2013-01

November kicked in slowly, getting prepared for a real “nerd winter” – days are getting darker, nights longer. Happy hacking!

At the 16. November I was invited to make a two-hour VJset at Gewölbe in Köln. It was a nice evening with a 3 videobeamer-setup at the club-location. Here is a small take from the live-set.

Lately I was testing and thinking about the Sentinel projection-mapping tool again. The focus of direction goes into open-sourceing the project by the end of the year (if I meet the time-schedule). I want make Sentinel a best-practice calibration tool for projection-mapping, exporting a self-developed “projection-mapping-information-format”. But more on this later. I also decided to integrate the Sentinel stuff with PureData and Gem. Use PureData, it is just a plain great tool!

At Dingfabrik I started to play with PureData / Gem and multiple screens. Having many screens and panel can be much fun, but more on this later…

And this week I started a new tumblr, featuring lomo-shots taken with my Alcatel Fire One FirefoxOS mobile phone. Check it out at NodepondLOMO.

nodepond-lomo nodepond-lomo2

November 11, 2013

Drink RICH KIDS beer

Next Friday at the #LSDSL show we will serve the finest brew of our new internet-avantgardeshit: the RICH KIDS beer. D’ont miss it!



November 10, 2013




November 9, 2013


November 5, 2013

LSDSL @ Gold und Beton Köln

The #LSDSL Show is coming. together with
Timmothy the Vommitron Shearer

already on tumblr


15.11.2013, 19 Uhr
Köln, Ebertplatz

The Evils of Upfront Payment

Here are some thoughts I had recently. We are quick to demonize Free to Play, myself included. But what we tend to forget that the “traditional” model of upfront payment has severe issues as well. Those issues have been detrimental to how games have developed and are still detrimental to what games are today.
But before we [...]

November 4, 2013

Modeling Traffic Violation

This is perhaps a bit old but here is an observation I had recently. I have encountered two games that model car traffic violations in different ways. One is GTA, the other one is Euro Truck Simulator 2.
Most of us are familiar with the way GTA models Traffic Violations – players have a wanted-meter represented by a row [...]

November 3, 2013

Schmutzfink – Urban Art Installation für m2020 in Köln-Mülheim

Alexander Speckmann and I were invited to make an public art installation. The topic was about changing public places for one week. five art-groups were invited to participate. We made an interactive game, where we used video-beamers and Kinect/MIDI-Controller input, project a game onto the Mülheimer bridge.

Weeknotes Oct-2013-01

Inspired by The Good Evil-weeknotes I will try to post some short status-updates every week (or maybe just every two or four weeks, depending of new relevant content in that time). It is just a handy tool, to get the work better out there and connect to the community. I just figured out, that there are always lots of more Nodepond-activity, than reflected here on this blog. So, here we go!

Alexander Speckmann and me were invited as artists at the project “m2020 Köln-Mülheim, Stadtgestaltung von unten” (Facebook-Event) from the 5. – 13. October 2013. Five artists were invited, to modify the public space in Köln-Mülheim for one week with art-installations. We decided to make an interactive game, controllable by Kinect and/or MIDI-controller. The game-screen was the bridge at the “Mülheimer Brücke”, resulting in an “interactive urban screen”. More info here.

Then I had a really good VJing-session at the Kolbhalle at 2. October 2013. Here is a short live video:

Visuals went well on wednesday. Good music and good people. T... on Twitpic

Together with Jake Rathburn we made two really good video-recording sessions, where I provides the visuals. Here is a link to the first session, the results of the second session are in preparation and are about to released soon.

Feel free to join the public software-development boards of the software-tools I am currently working on: Public boards of Nodepond.

I made some posts in the CoGe and Resolume-forum, relating to Quartz Composer issues. The CoGe-question was about mapping MIDI-data or keystrokes to a Flash-patch, loaded into CoGe. And yes, it is possible. The Resolume-question was dealing with problems with the iterator-patch and input-values as well. I learned, that it’s always a good practice, to use Input Splitters in Quartz Composers to map values – especially if you want to use the patches in CoGe or Resolume!