June 30, 2013

Re-discovering Muramasa

The recent re-release of the Wii game Muramasa on the Vita is a good opportunity to re-discover this hidden gem.

I bought the game back when it came out on the Wii. After a cursory glance, it has been sitting in my backlog ever since. So I used the pretext of the recent release to double-dip on [...]

June 27, 2013

Next Digital Soirée -5th july 2013

We are currently preparing the next Digital Soirée in our space in Düsseldorf. Friend Stefan Riebel will be our guest. More information @

edition-1-12-10 edition-1-12-09 doku-2-q_K doku-1-q_K
Freitag, 05. Juli 2013
19.00 Uhr
Kirchfeldstraße 112, Düsseldorf

brand new stuff

new page online – it is inspired by stefan riebels who has already started a new collaboration based on it

June 1, 2013

Projection Mapping at Make Munich 2013

Finally the video from the Make Munich projection mapping has arrived… *blink, blink*

Here you can see, what we made already one month ago at the Make Munich Maker Fair. It is a showcase of the current development of the projection-mapping project at Dingfabrik in April 2013. The project is developed by Alexander Speckmann (mostly the logistics and material parts) and Martin “Nodepond” Wisniowski (mostly the code-parts).

The new features in this version are a) beat sync abilities of the projection mapping, b) new ways to program content on the projection mapping with a simplified API (still in development), c) interaction. For interaction we used a MaKey MaKey and some fresh fruits to play various programs on the figure. The kids loved it!

The current work-in-progress mini-site about the projection mapping tool “Sentinel” can be found at The papertoy was designed by Nick Knite.