May 21, 2013

Best of Ludum Dare 26 Supercut

Sebastian Standke from the German Indie-Gamezine “Superlevel” did the almost impossible: He played every single of the 2.346 games of the Ludum Dare 26 game jam. And not enough, he selected about 270 of the best games and made a video about them. Including playlist and further suggestions. Uff!! See this article at Superlevel and enjoy. A goldmine for casual gamers, researchers and game designers!

May 15, 2013

Some pictures of our first Digital-Soirée with Sebastian Schmieg

Some pictures of our first Digital-Soirée with the release of BOOKS AND BLANKETS – Sebastian Schmieg. The project is a coorpation with Thomas Spallek, supported by and MORGEN Gestaltung.

BOOKS AND BLANKETS is a selection on Internet-Art. Books help us introduce and distribute work containing images and words. Blankets help us to transform the value of art.

BOOKS AND BLANKETS has two main aims. The first is to report on new Net.Art and documenting those. The second is an active role in the transformation of art in close collaboration with the artist. We are looking for projects having their origin, their content and their material anchored to the Internet. This work will be transformed by the artists into a different technology, which has a historical relation to the cybernetic era in the past.

BB_Duesseldorf_21042013_Digital Soirée_16

BB_Duesseldorf_21042013_Digital Soirée_23

BB_Duesseldorf_21042013_Digital Soirée_22 D_Books and Blankets_7

BB_Duesseldorf_21042013_Digital Soirée_30

more pictures at and thomasspalleks webpage

even more links

May 7, 2013

UFO Postmortem Observations

I wrote yesterday about some of my observations on the Myst Classic Game Postmortem. I wanted to follow-up today with the UFO Classic Game Postmortem.

Full disclosure: I never actually played that much of UFO. I played a couple of missions. But most of my UFO experience comes from the sequel X-Com: Terror from the Deep which [...]

May 6, 2013

Myst Postmortem Observations

One of my favorite GDC sessions are the Classic Game Postmortems. These are presentations where the creators of famous old-schools games tell the story of how those games were created. The postmortems are great because they tend to reveal surprising facts about those often pivotal games. They also great because they often show a historical, [...]