April 24, 2013

Developing TRAUMA for iOS

TL;DR The most challenging parts of developing TRAUMA for iOS was fast blur with a big radius and realtime video into texture streaming with synchronized audio.
The original TRAUMA was completely created by Krystian and is using Flash as base technology. Even if there are ways to compile Flash directly into an iOS app, it seems to [...]

April 18, 2013

Showcasing next Mapping-Project at Make Munich

This weekend I will showcase the latest development of my projection-mapping tool “Sentinel” at the Make Munich makerfair. We have a Dingfabrik-booth where the mapping will take place. It is about characters and paper-toys. And there will be some interaction with a MakeyMakey.

In case, you will miss fair… Two weeks ago there was a really nice article about our projection-mapping-projects at the well read German netzine Spiegel Online Netzwelt.

April 17, 2013

Digitale Soirée presents BOOKS AND BLANKETS

on saturday 20. april 2013 we will host the first Digital Soirée in Düsseldorf Friedrichstadt@Morgen Gestaltung. Our first guest will be Sebastian Schmieg, an artist from Berlin who is doing experiments with google imagesearch. more information on


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