February 21, 2013

Miasmata Impressions

The games industry has a sickness. It’s an acute lack of innovation. We don’t have a cure yet. But here is a mixture that may provide temporary relief: mix equal parts Far Cry 2, Amnesia and Myst. You get Miasmata.

Far Cry 2 Parts
Just like Far Cry 2, Miasmata is a first-person open-world game. You are free to [...]

February 14, 2013

New Super Mario Bros. U Impressions

New Super Mario Bros. U is a game easy to be cynical about. It represents much of what is wrong with Nintendo today – a company relying heavily on the same, decade old brands. The New Super Mario Bros. series being a particular offender – delivering Mario branded products by re-packaging 30 years old gameplay on a low budget.

But hey, [...]

February 13, 2013

Allmighty NON says

Finaly a new website!!!111!!!

Bildschirmfoto 2013-02-14 um 00.53.03
02/2013 courtesy of the artist

February 11, 2013

scnclrBleep009: Video for Cavalerra feat. Joaquin / Broque

A new production and the first one for 2013. Strangeness and optimism – let’s make this 2013 a good one! The music comes again from the very best german Netlabel Broque!

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Hyrule Historia

Here is an interesting game thing to get. Nintendo recently released a book called Hyrule Historia in the west.

Around 250 pages. A4 Format. Full-color. Hard-bound with golden print on the cover.

The books is somewhat unusual. On first sight one could call it an artbook for the Zelda series. The main bulk of the content does focus on [...]

February 8, 2013

Harddisc found footage for later

Just found these two images in a corner of my external harddrive. Dont know what do to with now but will think about it. Perhaps one or two new Websites? Lets’s see.

oelistgeil artistinrsidence found its way into the collection

Bildschirmfoto 2013-01-15 um 12.48.17 (and some other pieces) is now a part of the ‘‘-Collection.
Freebeer for all of you!

February 7, 2013

Backlog Update 9

It’s time for another Backlog Update. I completed another set of 5 games some time ago.

Rayman Origins Finished this quite some time ago. I wrote a little about sexism in that game and possible ways to have avoided it. But generally, I liked it a lot. I was also pleased to see that my GF played [...]

February 5, 2013

Super Sloth Jazz Jam – GGJ2013


One of Cologne’s Global Game Jam 2013 entries freshly hit the iPhone AppStore. It’s a tiny game, called “Super Sloth Jazz Jam“. It has got a nice little idea around the Game Jam 2013 topic “HeartBeat”. You direct a small jazz-band with fast and slow passages, by pressing the heart in time. You have to be more or less accurate, otherwise your performance will fail. A nice game, made in just 48 hours of the game jam, playing with the idea around a musical-performance-directing-game. Graphics and music is sweet as well! Super Sloth Jazz Jam is available for free in the end, so why not give it a try. (via Krystman #onegameamonth)

Oh, before you leave… I also made a game at the game jam! Or let’s say, I finished a prototype of a sound-only game-mechanic. Read more about my “Puzzle BeatBeat” at Nodepond.

How They Broke Prometheus

I got the Prometheus Blu-Ray on Christmas. It was the über-mega-special edition with a ton of special features. Perhaps not quite as much as Red Letter Media suggested but I ended up spending an entire day watching it.

There is some very cool material on there. I was especially surprised by the edited scenes. There was a [...]

February 4, 2013

Wii U-Turn Around The World

I’m really enjoying the Wii U these days. I got one at launch but I wasn’t able to play it until just recently. Because the first thing I did once I got it was to break it.

Before you brick, you see the ring.

But let’s start at the beginning. As you may know, I host a podcast show [...]