December 28, 2012

You are not with us

THE INTERNET and its epic anti Social networks bring us all together closer. Thats what they do. Everybody knows this.

do they really?

‘du bist nicht dabei’, 2012
inkjet on canvas

December 15, 2012

German Computer Game TRAUMA

I’m currently engrossed in a website projects and my updates slipped a lot. But recently, some pretty amazing things happened with TRAUMA which I would like to share with you.
First, TRAUMA was featured by the major German newspaper Die Zeit. It was actually featured quite prominently, with a screenshot from the game covering an entire page:

“We can [...]

December 5, 2012

still life 2012 – YES – NON!

Spontanous Picture, Quick’n’Dirty Development/Productiontime max 30 sec.
Definitely my fastest work ever, getting better and better! But can still be improved. Anything is always possible on the way to selfoptimization.

Foreground: Ja-Bottle light from the back. Background: NON-Spon in Oil.

December 2012, Instagramm on Facebook via twitter.
Courtesy of the Internet

December 4, 2012

Minecraft Engineering and Minigames by Seth Bling

I just came across this neat Minecraft-Videos from Seth Bling. Little games and engineering stuff, sometimes really interesting made. Who knows in what direction this minecraft-engineering will develop. Maybe we will have the ability one one to to completely craft a webservice for example within Minecraft.




Minecart Wave Generator