August 31, 2012

Monster Hunter Podcast Episode 71

On the this episode of the Monster Hunter Podcast: K.O. Han Rises. Join us for a lovely Nick and Krystian duet as they discuss books, sociology and the future of human spaceflight while being eaten by monsters. Will K.O. Han bring salvation?

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August 29, 2012

Civilization V – Late Impressions

Civilization is a game well-known for it’s addictiveness. It’s pretty much the game that coined the phrase “Just one more turn”. I don’t know how I came about to playing Civilization V recently, but 50 hours in, I’m hopelessly trapped. Every time I start a new game, I usually end up playing all through the night.

Interestingly, [...]

August 23, 2012

Games we play

A short, but essential video about all this little hidden games, we somehow used to play (and still do). Add your own! #gamesweplay Video by Follow the Foot.

(via Krystman, thx!)

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August 21, 2012

quick and dirty sculpture – washing the dishes

art has to be quick’n dirty and should not take more than 15 minutes of your lifetime a day. so you have to work fast, quick’n dirty. perfect material is for example your dirty dishes before you put it into your cheap, loud chinamade dishwasher.

quick’n dirty sculpture – dirty dishes, 2012
kitchen at home, düsseldorf
courtesy of the artist

August 19, 2012

YouCube: Projection Mapping made in cooperation with Dingfabrik


YouCube is the first projection-mapping project from Dingfabrik, presented at the demoscene-party Evoke 2012 in Cologne. Demosceners at the party place were able to upload their content via intranet at the partyplace – that why the name YouCube. The object was clearly visible from everywhere in the hall.

The sculpture was made of cardboard and is three meters high at its highest point – reaching an architectonical dimension. I wrote all the software used in this project within three weeks from scratch (in the evenings!). The software-chain included lua, love2d, quartz composer, xml, php, html, css. Fun and love.

This is a projection-mapping project I made together with Dingfabrik (Cologne’s fablab/hackerspace for building things). It is the first of a ongoing series of projection-mapping projects. At every project we want to enhance the hard- and software side of the project.

The video of the mapping is a little dark – but there is another short documentary upon this project coming up shortly…

August 18, 2012

Configuration No 8 – for km temporaer

km temporaer is an exhibition in Berlin starting Octobre 2012. More infos about the project will be available at the website

I will show a new piece called Configuation No 8 – a tableau of similar pictures based on the
Each of the 16 Pictures wil be available for sale separately. The price of the individual parts will double after one piece is sold. When a picture is sold it will be replaced with another one showing the value of the sold one.
Furthermore the artbuyer gets his paid money back when the next part is sold.

When the exhibition is finished there will be a new artpiece produced by the logic and rules of the market, named after the value of the last sold part.

Configuration No 8 at the beginning of the show

Configuration No 8 after selling and exchanging 3 parts
For example, at this point it would be named ‘berlin piece #8‘.

Hope to see you in Berlin this autumn.

August 9, 2012

Shallow Space Nine

Long time no read! Recently, I finished the quite long project of watching Deep Space Nine. In a previous post, I mentioned how I always enjoyed Star Trek: The Next Generation. I never got into DS9. So quite some time ago, I decided to give the series a watch. 173 Episodes later, here is what [...]

August 6, 2012

Museum of Endangered Sounds

Ja, über Geräusche hatten wir erst kürzlich etwas (und mit kürzlich meine ich vor drei Monaten). Und es soll auch garnicht weiter ausarten, aber ein kleines Addendum zum Thema Klangarchivierung sei dennoch gestattet, denn folgendes Projekt ist wirklich sehr nett. Das geübte Ohr weiß es längst: Geräusche gibt es eine ganze Menge, und täglich werdenWeiterlesen…

Monster Hunter Podcast Episode 70

On the this episode of the Monster Hunter Podcast: Making Brown Bath Salts. We are being joined by Roy “Kotowari” Blakely from the My Fair Hunter podcast for a round of Ad Hoc party failure. We eventually give up and do Monster Hunter Tri on Bath Salts.
ATTENTION: The Podcast has moved to a new YouTube Channel. [...]