April 29, 2012

LuaCrumbs 3D-Visualizer successful project at Advanced Hackathon 2012

LuaCrumbs 3D Processing Advanced Hackathon

The 3d-visualizing-project at the Advanced Hackathon was successful. The LuaCrumbs-scripts now compile into a Processing file. The moving path can be previewed 3D with panning, rotation and autorotation. In parallel a html-file is generated. The contents of the processing-file can be watched in any modern webbrowser, that supports WebGL. I used the processingjs-libary for that purpose.

This hack enhances the fun of work with LuaCrumbs by nearly 100 percent – you can conveniently work on your lua-script while generating a 3D-preview at anytime, resulting in a much better “know-what-you-are-doing“-feel. As usual FabLab-machine-ready HPGL, .svg or G-Code (and other formats in the future) are generated as well. So “work home, fab later” is the new command!

The source is already available at github. In the next weeks I will prepare some more documentation, examples and a forum site for reaching BETA-stadium.

April 28, 2012

TRAUMA Wins the German Computer Game Award

I just came back from Berlin and recovered from a hangover. Last Thursday, my game TRAUMA has won the “Deutscher Computerspielpreis 2012” – the German Computer Game Award 2012!


TRAUMA was nominated in the category “Best Browser Game”. It didn’t win the main award in this category. However, it received a special jury award as a recognition of it’s [...]

April 27, 2012

Advanced Hackathon 2012 – Work in Progress


The kickoff of the Advanced Hackathon 2012 was pretty amazing. Great people and high motivation to work on stuff. After various discussions with other participants I made the roadmap for this weekend. The focus will go to enhancing the LuaCrumbs-framework.

1. Work on the core-architecture and getting deeper into Lua
The Lua-language is very easy to learn, but not that easy to master. A take the opportunity to dig deeper into more advanced Lua-techniques. The blog at got some very interesting writings about Lua.

2. Enhance the visualization-(preview)-module
Talking about enhancements of the core-architecture is not that thrilling to show-off to the other participants. That’s why I want to work on the html-(preview)-module of LuaCrumbs. Make it 3D and maybe animated. Processing.js or three.js could be my weapon of choice to archive the desired results.

PS: Feel free, to visit the Dingfabrik – it is located right next to the Advanced Hackathon.
PPS: is still extremely useful for porting working code from one machine to the other.
PPPS: If there are some people interested in a “Lua user group” in Cologne and surroundings, feel free to contact me!

April 25, 2012

HiScore Pixeleditor SALE until Sunday

HiScore Pixeleditor

HiScore Pixeleditor is on SALE until Sunday – price is 0.99$/0.79€. Take the opportunity!

PS: You can also meet me this weekend at the Advanced Hackathon in Cologne.

April 18, 2012

Monster Hunter Podcast Episode 66

This time on the Monster Hunter Podcast: Thanks For All the Fish. Somebody was making Dolphin noises. We deployed Smooth Jazz. Krystian is showing off his Vita. A toot flute?

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April 17, 2012

experimental picture making

making new things out of the old. reconfiguring and transforming them. thats all.

to be continued …

experimental picture making

making new things out of the old. reconfiguring and transforming them. thats all.

to be continued …

experimental picture making

making new things out of the old. reconfiguring and transforming them. thats all.

to be continued …

experimental picture making

making new things out of the old. reconfiguring and transforming them. thats all.

to be continued …

April 15, 2012

Spriter – Animation Tool for Game Developers

Spriter Animation Tool

Lately I came across this already Kickstarter-funded project, called “Spriter”. It is an “easy to use animation tool”, especially suited for game-designers. The tools uses a modular method of animation – instead of each frame being a single complete image, the frame is constructed from many small, re-useable images (for example body parts). Each of these images that are used to construct the full frame can be scaled and rotated to further increase reuse of content.

The developers at Brash Monkey promise, that with Spriter you can create robustly animated game characters and effects with a workflow that’s “highly intuitive, visual, and efficient for not only time, but also for the final game’s file and memory usage”.

Let’s wait and see, if there will be also a version available for OSX at any later time.

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A.Maze Indie Connect 2012 in Berlin

The German indie-games-scene try to get more indie – a part of the puzzle could be the Amaze Indie Connect 2012 in Berlin. The organizers want to become an international Indie Games Festival and meeting-place of the europäischen Indie Games Scene in Germany. There are talks, visions and for the first time a indie-gamedev price.

The project still ongoing crowdfunded at the startnext-platform. The money should go directly into the price-money for the games-devs – so feel free to support!

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April 13, 2012

HiScore Pixeleditor got an update!

HiScore Pixeleditor HiScore Pixeleditor - Example working with transparent color

Pixeleditor Hiscore got a small, but essential update. The version 1.0.2 introduces transparent color. With that, you really can draw (for example) tile-maps that are ready to go with any level-designer or programmer. HiScore works well with the Tiled map editor.

Other parts of the update, include some UI-details. If you wait for 5 seconds while not drawing, the cursor-control is hovering out of the screen – for you to enjoy your artwork in a full screen style. New is also a “latest news from Nodepond” feature and a “directly mail feedback”.

April 12, 2012

making fine art: picture on the wall

New Painting

based on

Sometimes you just need a picture for your wall.
Here we go …

April 11, 2012

Suikoden Effect

Recently, I discovered a really astonishing, old JRPG gem. It’s a game called Suikoden. It has been released on the Playstation 1 and it’s currently available on PSN as a PSone classic. On a side note: I really enjoy the PSone classic series. Especially the PSP/PS3 cross-play is convenient. But back to Suikoden:

It’s a very formulaic [...]