December 28, 2009



Had to put a version of the happymachine up.

Made on PSP in 2006


December 21, 2009

Working on Blackpond Fighter

Okay, agile development got it’s own pace. I somehow abandoned the works on “Satans Sanctuary” for now and head straight into iPhone development as well. Working on the tiles of two titles: Blackpond Fighter and some sort of Boulderdash for the iPhone. Do prototyping in Flixel – uh no… to be exact… not prototyping, but tracer code. Essential difference. Read “The Pragmatic Programmer” to get it.


Here I share one very first “concept art” of Blackpond Fighter. You can follow the progress also a little bit on twitter: #blackpondfighter.

December 19, 2009

Captain Forever: A silent space shooter

Captain Forever is a silent space game with a simple gameplay: Shoot other ships and upgrade your own with the parts, the destroyed ships left over. A deep game, with a dense atmosphere. Fun. For the silent season of the year. (via)

December 17, 2009

NodeBox 2: Things are getting modular


I’m totally not sure yet what to think of the new (and still beta) release of NodeBox 2 (located at this beta-site at the moment). It is once again GPL and build upon NodeBox. You can use Python-Scripts to generate “generative art”. Like the original NodeBox, that was Macintosh-only, NodeBox2 has the emphasis clearly on simplicity and quick and direct results. In this release they have two new main features. The first one is not really a feature in the deeper sense of meaning: It is available for Windows. The second: It’s got a graphical-editor, where you can combine modules in some sort of “maxMSP-style”. I just played with it a little bit, and can confirm, that this approach really leads to once again much quicker results, than tinkering with code only. Purist will also come to their right, because tinkering with code only is also an option. Well, let’s see how this new (kind of) user-interface will react with the output. I am totally in love with this plain simplicity of NodeBox1. Having too much of everything, and getting results too quickly is not always for the best. Let’s just wait and see what will happen.



December 16, 2009

new hand-made Jahtari shirts

finally something fair-price, done by hand and with lotsa vibe.

December 15, 2009

PixelJunk Shooter is Awesome

Progress with TRAUMA grinds to a halt whenever I get swamped in work in my dayjob. My girlfriend being sick doesn’t help. It seems like I won’t make it this year after all. But I made a storyboard for the missing parts and I organized a camera and scheduled the shooting. Will try to wrap [...]

December 12, 2009

Book research

Great idea for a modular-pixel system in the realword. Picture by IcoEye, found at Towo’s Soup.

Weekend time, reflection time. Some weeks ago riot (FeD e.V.) send me some interesting link. I was angry, that I didn’t thought about this idea, because I most recently began to work with books, marker pen and ruler. I draw pictures inside the books(pages) and showed them on various events. Will some of my works later on.

The site of IcoEye is recommended. They collect quite interesting ideas of combining pixel with realworlds and are totally nuts about icons.

December 11, 2009

Balbodro: Catch the Butterfly-Balls and clear the Screen


Ballgames, I love them! Sometimes. Especially, if they are decent and addictive at the same time. (I once tried to do the same genre with the game scnclr-X, so check it out). Balbodro is such a game, that looks simple, elegant, but has addictive qualities and by the way a really nice sound design. In order to “clear the screen” you have to select balls with the mouse. They fall to the ground and clear boxes of the same color. If all boxes are gone, you proceed to the next ground. (via Superlevel)

December 9, 2009

Mountain Maniac by Pixeljam


Pixeljam are back. After Dino Run they made in cooperation with Adult Swim Games the game “Mountain Maniac“, a strange mixture of Frogger, Pachinko, a fun casual game and some irritating storytelling. You play the “montain maniac” and have the goal to score points by destroying the city below the mountain. You do this by shooting of rocks out of the mountain. Insane stuff. A very retro-gameplay, if you ask me.

What once again is so cool about the Pixeljam-style is the “neo-retro” artwork, that are blocky, pixeled, but at the same time huge and detailed as well. The games are somehow “airy”.

December 3, 2009

Bo Marley – Masters Of The Universe

Bo Marley are back with a killer cassette!

December 2, 2009

Continuity: Flash Game


Continuity is a very smooth flashgame for the browser. The creator really understood, how to create flow with music, volume levels and a clean and puzzly webdesign. It is not only the effect-side of this game, that is interesting, but also the gameplay itself is worth a look. It’s basically a platformer, but you can rearrange the position of the single level parts. Really nice game! Pick of the week. I guess!