November 29, 2009

Megaman-Tribute: Nezumiman


The guys at the Indiegames-weblog had a really nice finding of a Megaman-like game. Nezumiman is very close to the gameplay of the, let’s say NES-version of Megaman, but what makes this game so special are the cute cute graphics and the cute and catchy music. Instant love, if you would ask me. Perfect game for this winter!

Unfortunately only available for Windows. Mirror-downloads available here and here and they are about 18 MB in size.

November 25, 2009

Podcast Episode 4: News

And here is yet another AMAZING podcast episode. We thought it was shorter, but it isn’t really. However, we do cover more topics in the same ammount of time. Among this show’s topics: Yu-Chung talks about his new game – Harvest Mania (and also demonstates his ignorance of such super-important things like RickRolling). Download Episode 4 (39MB, 84 Minutes long) RSS Feed [...]

November 23, 2009

Time Fcuk postmortem and a huge amount of levels

Wow, this posting at Edmunds Dev Blog is something very delicious for game- and level-designers, as well as lover for the game “Time Fcuk“. Edmund reflects the game-creation process, and tells some facts and stories about the game. Time Fcuk was played over 3.5 million times, alone 1 million times at Over 7.000 user-generated levels were made for this extraordinary game. So in total: sounding like a huge success. And here comes a little bit of eye-candy for people, who enjoy levels not just playing, but also in static form: so colors, forms, shapes and that sort of things:



November 22, 2009

The “Love” Game Design Concept

This is nothing new. iI’s just something I believe works in 90% of all games out on the market (AAA or small/casual/indie). 0. Create a game with both old (known) and new game design mechanics. Even if the new mechanics are not perfect, this concept shall help you get people to enjoy your game nothing is to ugly – if you polish [...]

November 21, 2009

Black Forest: New Magic from Pixelate coming up

In December new works from Pixelate are coming up. I am sure, that you are already familiar with some of their works. They made some months ago the outstanding “Understanding Games” series – short flash-animations, that tell about game design in general. Lately the iPhone-game Mr. Bounce made the round, with a stress on unique gameplay, graphics and soundtrack. Oh, soundtrack in general. The Pixelate-guys like to mix up gaming-experiences with electronic sounds and often the soundtracks are available as separate downloads. PS: I just experienced, that Mr. Bounce is also available as flash-version online.

Ok, back to the original topic! The next work from Pixelate will be “The Black Forest“. It is a collection of four small experimental games – each will be released every week in December. The preview looks promising. Clean design, a neutral electronic soundtrack. Can’t wait to get my fingers on this small games.

November 20, 2009

Flood Fill

Flood Fill

Flood Fill is a game, that belongs to the category “mostly harmless”. It’s nice puzzler, with an interesting idea. Your mission is to fill the whole playfield with colors, but the same colors should never touch. You got 4 colors to select from. Sounds easy, eh? The music is very relaxed, rounding up this soothing game-experience. Go for it!

RepliCat Space Game


Mindless Labs have a small inspiring game on their website. In RepliCat time and space are disturbed. In result you are haunted by shadows of yourself from the past. Your misson is to collect all items as fast as possible… and at the same time avoid crashes with your shadows of the past at any cost. It sounds more complicated than the game really is. It is a “pick-up-and-play” flash-game in the true nature of “pick-up-and-play”. So check it out!

November 17, 2009

out on 12″: Soom T – Dirty Money EP

Jahtari alltime fave, finally on vinyl.

new 12″: Tapes – Hissing Theatricals EP

Tripping journey that will reel your mind and shake your booty!

November 16, 2009

Podcast Episode 3: HD Gaming

We still haven’t established a real posting pattern. So surprisingly, here is yet another exciting Game Design Reviews Podcast Show episode. Download Episode 3 (47MB, 102 Minutes long) RSS Feed for the Podcast iTunes link Join us on this episode as we geek out about the advantages and troubles of HD Gaming. We discuss our gaming setups and the experience we [...]

November 6, 2009


Oh yeah. Procrastination. What you always wanted to know about it! (via)