September 29, 2009

ASCII pOrtal

I just stumbled across ASCII pOrtal. An “Portal”-inspired ASCII game, but I bet, that Portal inspired ASCII-game would fit much, much more. The 2D-game is a puzzle game, that is available for download on the CymonsGames-site. Via Superlevel I also detected an interview with the creator. Check it out here.

September 28, 2009

Hazard: The Journey of Life

Development-speed of the indie-world as a whole is always impressing. Only some months ago, people where like “hey, having more art-games, that would be cool”. And now look at this trailer here. Deep stuff, for sure…

It’s a trailer of “Hazard: The Journey of Life“, a mod made in Unreal Tournament 3. It about life, it’s about choices. I haven’t installed it, more about the inside of this package at Indiegames.

September 27, 2009

Podcast Episode 2: Flower, Square/Enix Concert

We are currently trying to establish a regular podcasting pattern. Or goal so far was 2 weeks but since it’s the first podcast we do, there might be delays. Like this time. But anyway, here is another exciting episode. Download Episode 2 (42MB, 90 Minutes long) RSS Feed for the Podcast iTunes link now availible! In this episode, we come [...]

September 26, 2009

scnclr-X released!


Hello people. Yes, it took me ages, but I finally released scnclr-X in the wild!

You can play it here on the website, on the Mochi-site, or you can embed it into your own website as well - for free! Just copy and paste this snippet of code to get the game on your site.

The game isn’t wildly distibuted yet, and I am still searching for a sponsor. If you would be interested by sponsoring the game, don’t hesitate to contact me! Write to screen[@]

September 20, 2009

frühe kunst – the early early years

ab wann wird der künstler zum künstler? die frage ist ja nicht neu und wird wohl von jeder künstlergeneration aufs neue gestellt und verhandelt. die antworten darauf sind vielfältig und zahlreich, eventuell so zahlreich wie die künstler selber.
geschieht das künstlerwerden quasi bei geburt, handelt es sich also um eine art miß- oder fehlbildung die durch entsprechende erziehungsmaßnahmen und viel disziplin korrigiert werden könnte? entscheidet sich der künstler für das künstler sein? ist dann ab dem punkt der entscheidung zum künstler sein, das geschaffenen kunst? sind wir eben doch alle künstler, der eine mehr der andere weniger? ist alles was der künstler schafft kunst oder eben nur das was kunst sein soll? letzteres würde aber voraussetzen, dass der künstler jederzeit in vollem umfang sein eigenes tun reflektiert. das wiederum halte ich aufgrund der eigenen erfahrungen für unsinn.

wer ist denn nun dieser künstler, der autor, der poet und der erfinder? sicherlich keine einfache frage. aber in zeiten der diskussion und des milliardenschweren streits um urheberrechte und geistiges eigentum, eventuell so brisant wie schon lange nicht mehr.

wie auch immer die antwort lautet, anbei ein paar bilder aus längst vergangenen jugendtagen. leider wie üblich, schon vor einiger zeit auf dem müll gelandet. aber ein paar abbilder gibts ja immer noch.

zu sehen hier: jugendbilder

September 19, 2009

Time Fcuk is out!

Time Fcuk was released. And it is abolutely brilliant. Great storytelling. Lovely gameplay. And full of details. A must see!


You can also read a little more about the background of Time Fcuk.

Daniel Cook’s “Fishing Girl”

I have been mean to Daniel Cook in the past (oh yeah, it goes way back doesn’t it). It was probably mostly undeserved, seeing how how he was one of the inspirations for this blog in the first place. It feels especially awkward when he releases something as cool as “Fishing Girl” (together with Eric Woroshow). If [...]

September 18, 2009

Netlabelnights Season #2

die netlabelnights gehen in die zweite runde.
im vorfeld wird es politisch, wir diskutieren das Thema
“Stoppschild für Musikdownloads?
Die große Freiheit im Netz: genial oder gemein?”

mit dabei sind

Volker Beck (MdB die Grünen)
Michael Stehmann (Anwalt, FSFE)
m.eik michalke (, CC-Künstler)
Stefan Herwig (Geschäftsführer Dependent, Mindbase Music Management)
Frank Herrmann (AK Vorratsdatenspeicherung)
Moderation: Florian Kuhlmann

weitere infos unter

September 14, 2009

Videogames in other media: Gaiden

Just rediscovered this image on my phone. I took this photo a few months ago in Taiwan. Note how Nintendo DS is used to enforce the “new stylish MOMENT”. What I’ll never get is why fashion ads in Taiwan often feature Caucasians – certainly that’s the current global beauty ideal, but the typical anatomy proportions [...]

September 13, 2009

Beacon – Small Game in the Dark

Time to give a bit of worship to a absolutely well made free indie-game. Beacon (.zip) is a wonderful little platformer with the most remarkable feature, that is plays in the dark. Your guide your guy through this dark world and have to follow a “beacon”, a light, that shows you the way.

Beacon combines wonderful storytelling with engaging gameplay. It maybe is a total esoteric story, about light, darkness and death. Until you see the end (no I won’t tell you, go and have a play yourself).

From the beginning of the game you feel a strong desire to reach the end of this dark world. Some moments are a little frustrating, i.e. like playing the same scene over and over again, falling into darkness, not know where to jump off right. I also didn’t liked the uncertainty, how many levels there are still to solve (like is it a mini game? A small or a large one?). A mini-map, that gives an overview about the game progress in general, would be a nice thing to have, giving more confidence to the player, enlarging the gaming fun. I also also want to doubt the replay value of Beacon. Maybe some small tricks would make this game interetings, to “play” it into more than only “one” direction?

Anyway, a great game, that should be checked out! Let’s do not forget, that it was basically made for the Ludumdare 48-hours contest.

September 10, 2009

Podcast Episode 1: GDC Europe & GamesCom

Finally! We are happy to announce a new feature: the Game Design Reviews Podcast Show! We try to podcast every two weeks. Here is episode one: Download Episode 1 (46MB, 99 Minutes long) RSS Feed for the Podcast NEW! iTunes link now availible! This episode we sat down together, did a small introduction of who we are and went on [...]

September 9, 2009

Nodepond-Logo process

Slowly, slowly, slowly I get really satisfied with the small details on the Nodepond-logo. Here I share the latest result.


By the way… The lettering is based upon the VAL-Freefont from the brilliant Fontfabric from Bulgaria. But I did also made changes on the typo itself to fit it my needs and make it a little more redable at smaller sizes…

So, now. Will anyone how help me clean up this design of the website a little bit?


PS3 Slim – Further Impressions

As I have already written, I have a PS3 Slim. Now that I have been able to test it some more, here are further impressions: Errata But first of all, I have to set some things straight. Yes, the new update brought some improvements I haven’t really acknowledged. So contrary what I wrote previously, you can see [...]

fresh free NET-7″: Wheeler – Breeze Blow

Nice and rough vocal cut on a classic Maffi riddim by Wheeler from Kingston! Big tune – and it’s for free!