July 24, 2009

GameDesignJobs: German Jobboard opened!


I freshly started a new project, that will be most interesting for readers from Germany. At everyone can search or offer jobs or projects, related to gamedesign. You need a level-designer? No problem, post and find one. You got loads of work and need some graphic or music artist? Post a job-offer.

I just felt, that there was a lack on such a board in Germany, so I simply started it! Please help me spread the word, to make it a nice place on the web for people who love to make games!

July 21, 2009

finale netlabelnights season 1

die erste staffel der geht zu ende. zum großen finale am kommenden donnerstag im pretty vacant in der düsseldorfer altstadt sind der kleine grüne würfel und phonocake am start.

im august ist dann sommerpause, doch im september gehts weiter mit der season 2: wie immer dann auch dieses mal “für freie kutur in einer digitalen wirklichkeit!”

aktuelle infos immer unter

July 14, 2009

How is Nodepond proceeding?

Well, in short: I had to make changes. Initially I had the plan in mind, to start over with state-of-the-art pixeleditor and some other *supersecret* kind of tools. But first I underestimated the time to do not only tools, but good tools, with memory performance and usability aspects well balanced. In short: tools with heart and soul.

Nodepond-logo in 80ies mood

Meanwhile two things happend.

1. I polished my business-skills at NUK, and can call myself a NUK Alumi now. Neat. This are good news, because Nodepond is now part of the cool guys, making cool things happen.

2. Next, there was a sudden explosion in the Flash-community, named Flixel. This is a open-source game-engine in Actionscript. I ultimately fell really deeply in love with it. Programming Flixel feels so like God. I made an interview with Adam Atomic, the very creator of Flixel over at my blog Digital Tools. After all, another reason, to put the development of tools into the waiting line.

Anyway. I will come back into business with very classical things: games, games, games. The development of an upcoming title has just begun. The plan is to make a 3 level game, with some crucial storytelling. It already has a name: Satans Sanctuary. Buhahaha!!

July 13, 2009

The Keeper of the what? The Role of the Designer: Iterative Design vs. Production Phases.

Recently Krystian, Fabricio Rosa Marques and me had a game design discussion session, intended as warm-up for our planned podcast. Unfortunately most of the recording was gone for technical reasons (good thing we did that test), and I want to bring up the main topic we talked about in that session. The topic was The Role of [...]

The Keeper of the what? The Role of the Designer: Iterative Design vs. Production Phases.

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July 12, 2009

Post IT Shooter

Hey, did you noticed it? The Experimental Gameplay Project is back. The very origin of the meanwhile good-selling “World of Goo“. They somehow switches to a “monthly challenge” mode, based on a certain topic every months. Challenges are good, and perodic compos also. So welcome back EGP.

The topic of this month challenge was about “unexperimental shooter” and the contribution most worth to mention was the “Post IT shooter” from Petri Purho aka Kloonigames (the very creator of Crayon Physics Deluxe).

The Post IT Shooter


The Post IT shooter derives its optic from the videos, where people “simulate games” in stop-motion videos, using plain post it notes. Petri turned the direction around, and he wrote this game, that uses the optics of Post IT notes, in order to let a shooter game out into the internet. What a nice twist. You shoot at space-invaders looking aliens, that are generated randomly by a special algorithm. Don’t forget, that this game is not meant to give you pure playing pleasure for hours and hours, but to stand out by its great idea. Mission accomplished!

July 10, 2009

WebbliWorld sweet online-community for kids (made in Actionscript 3!)

A new project, called Webbli-World, opened its virtual doors. It is a online-community for kids, but the colorful and lovely made world will also some eyecandy holiday for all the parents and… well… other grown-ups. I just made myself an account, too.


It’s got a fresh light sense, somewhere between contemporary character design (think Pictoplasma) and Spongebob. Also the soundeffects they used are very heartening. About the technical aspects: The whole projects was realized mainly with Actionscript 3 and the php/html/css/javascript/MySQL stuff. There is an in-depth post about it at Photon Storm. What is more to say? Ah, do they got posters to sell? I would love to dive into this world on my desk, too.

Indie-Games, Storytelling, Art-Games

Well, most of the Indie-Games community already noticed, that there was an episode of “Into the night” airing on It is a one hour documentary, where reporters follow people “through the night”. Very well made. This time they met two game-designers in San Francisco: Jason Rohrer and Chris Crawford. Luckily could see the whole video yesterday. And it send me thinking. In short: Indie-games lack on storytelling on a deeper level, where good movies usually go, but (indie)games rarely. Well, just have a look at this snippets:

/*SNIP*/: This video must be rare stuff. Offworld just right now digged and posted the whole episode. Go there to watch the whole, or stay here for the next teaser:

They were about many interesting things, for example about the game M.U.L.E (C64), that was later named Traders on the Amiga 500. A multiplayergame, that stresses interaction and the dynamic between the players, instead of just havin’ graphics and sound, in order so “solve a level”. Think “designing interactions”, instead of “design a game”.

Some indie-game: Aubergine Sky by MrPiglet

Than I came upon this game today. It is quite simple and maybe a little boring as well, but it shows somehow a little bit of the things, that foremost Chris Crawford talks about: layers of meaning. Have a play of Aubergine Sky. And go think about it.

Videogames in other Media Ep. 2

Wow, it’s been quite some time since the last and first episode of Videogames in other Media. Recently, I’ve stumbled over a good example and I remembered that there was this series of articles I wanted to write. So here is another great example of how Videogames are portrayed in films. This time, it’s a [...]

Videogames in other Media Ep. 2

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July 7, 2009

Free Flash Fallacy

Actually, the titlte should be “Flash Payment Fallacy” but I couldn’t resist the triple alteration. I’m sorry. Again, just a quick post. Danc from LostGarden wrote a Flash Love Letter. It’s a polished Article and you should read it so I’m going to put it into a dwarf nutshel: Flash is awesome and may be tremendously important [...]

Free Flash Fallacy

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32×32 Pixeleditor for iPhone


Okay, I once made a homebrew pixeleditor called Smoove for Sony PSP and an unfinished one for the Nintendo DS. Today I discovered this pixeleditor for the iPhone, called 32×32. It looks very interesting. It features only 32×32 pixels and grayscale 5-colors palette. The usability aspects of doing pixels on the go seem to be solved in an elegant way. Just see for yourself:

The app should be available at the iPhone app store in some weeks. The price will be about 0.99 cent. (via)

July 3, 2009

Endlich! neue Arbeit: desktop.sculpture


neue arbeit fertig, “desktop.sculpture” heißt sie. ich bin selber mal wieder ausgesprochen überrascht. heute mittag war noch nichts zu spüren, ging dann aber alles sehr schnell. wenn ich den verlauf des nachmittags aber nochmal revue passieren lasse, hätte ich eigentlich schon so um die kaffeezeit herum merken können, dass was kommt: “die desktop.sculptures”