February 28, 2009

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February 24, 2009

neue arbeit ‘charts und präsentationen’

eine neue arbeit mit dem titel ‘charts und präsentationen’ in form gebracht und fertig gestellt.
die arbeit gibts ab donnerstag bei blast in köln zu sehen.

chart No1

chart No1

vorab aber schon hier:

February 23, 2009

DOS System Font

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February 22, 2009

Zombieplätten, pixelized: Left 4k Dead

Left4kdead in

Left 4K Dead ist ein kleines Spiel für zwischendurch, das als Java-Applet im Browser läuft. Unzweideutig an Valves gruseligem Multiplayerkracher “Left 4 Dead” angelehnt, ballert man sich in der Draufsicht, bewaffnet mit Knarre und Taschenlampe als Pixelkrieger durch Zombiehorden. Gesteuert wird das Spiel mit WASD (Bewegen) und Maus (Blickrichtung/Schießen). Auch wenn dieses Spiel so manchem Zocker ohne Retroherz eher unspektakulär erscheinen mag, so ist es doch mindestens als beispielhaft für effizientes Programmieren zu sehen: Das gesamte Spiel ist 4 KB groß, das entspricht einer Schreibmaschinenseite. Zum Vergleich: Eine leere Word-Datei wiegt 11 KB.


February 21, 2009

The secret PacMan-Dossier


…appeared on the Internet. The Top Secret Document contains every know information, that is about PacMan. For example, just examine the lesser knows facts about the design of the levels and the mysterious level 256 in Pac Man. From the document:

Pac-Man was always meant to be a game with no ending. The developers at Namco mistakenly assumed the game’s increasing difficulty was sufficient to prevent anyone from playing indefinitely. Of course, within a few years of Pac-Man’s release, players had discovered that every level beyond the 21st was identical. Patterns were quickly created to exploit this fact and, for any player able to get past the first 20 levels, the game now became a test of endurance to see how many points you could rack up before losing focus and making a mistake. High scores soared into the millions and most players agreed the game simply went on forever. Eventually, a few highly-skilled players were able to complete 255 consecutive levels of play (scoring over three million points and taking several hours to accomplish) and found a surprise waiting for them on level 256. It was a surprise no one knew about-not even the developers at Namco.

The 256th level displays the left half of the maze correctly, but the right half is a jumbled mess of randomly colored letters, numbers, and symbols. Notice the bonus counter in the lower-right of the screen is also malfunctioning. The left side of the maze plays normally, but the right side is a different story. Although both the player and the ghosts can navigate through the right half of the screen, the original maze walls no longer apply. Instead, Pac-Man must be guided through a confusing series of open areas, tunnels, one-way intersections, lone walls, and pass-throughs-all invisible to the player-while four ghosts are in hot pursuit.

PacMan Level 265 with hidden points

You definitely want to know all this things about PacMan. The reason for the “malfunctioning level” i.e. lies in a internal counter error. Just keep on reading on the dossiers site. They also got extensive information about the enemy-characters as well.

February 19, 2009

creative commons – diesmal für die ohren

netzneutralität, bürgerrechte, datenschutz und das ganze urherberrechtsproblem überschneiden sich im netz immer wieder. irgendwie ist das alles ein teil von dem was man so allgemein mit netzpolitik bezeichnet und gerade in diesem bereich ist aktuell einiges in bewegung.
nach dem ich mich letztes jahr, im rahmen der arbeit mit dem datenschutzraum, hauptsächlich gegen die vorratsdatenspeicherung engagiert habe, gehts dieses jahr erst mal mehr um die creative commons. die eigenen bilder veröffentliche ich schon seit geraumer zeit unter diesen lizenzen.der schwerpunkt der kommenden veranstaltungen liegt aber auf den ohren. ab dem 26.2. gibts jeden vierten donnerstag im monat eine netlabelnight. zusammen mit zahlreichen djs aus dem rheinland werden wir düsseldorf mal zeigen was im bereich der freien musik so geht.

merh infos unter

Reinventing Dialogue

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new disrupt album out on LP and CD:

The Bass Has Left The Building – the long awaited sequel to Foundation Bit.

February 17, 2009

Ratloop: Gearhead Garage Adventure


The Gearhead Garage Adventure is an mixture of repair- and race game. You play a guy, who has great abilities in repairing cars, but not so much in driving them. So in parts this is a “repairing game”, some sort of mini-games, that let you put together and polish different parts of the car. Other sections of this game includes driving and exploring action. Look, feel, graphics and style look very, very promising. The game was made for the GBA, but was unfortunately never published, due to cartridge prices back in 2006. But you can cheer up, because there is a demo-GBA-file available on the website.

The game was made by Ratloop, who also are responsible for Mightier. It seems to me, that really Ratloop got distinct out-of-the-ordinary thinking abilities. Thank you guys at Tiny Cartridge so much for digging this content.

scnclr-X: Progressing, but slowly

What did I done within the last few weeks?

  • Made a Prototype and given it to people to play.
  • As always tons of refactoring. Gameengine is making progress.
  • Thinking about music. Tried loops and soundeffects.
  • Just recently thinking about graphics and narratives.

I also should spend some time on this webpage, too. Still there is sometimes occurring a forbidden-error, I have no clue why. This requires some in-depth debugging.

Also better colors, better proportions and overall friendliness is what I would wanted this website to have.

You probably won’t make it – nice visual idea


An interesting design detail can be found on the lofi-platformer “You probably won’t make it“. Each level features only one single screen. The game keeps on suggesting, it is a “brutal hard” game. In order to reach the goal, you have to make use of double-jumps, avoid the “needles” and reach the goal. Well, if you loose a life, than the blood of your death and - this is the interesting detail - the path of you last played game will be displayed on screen. Nice thing to visualize and really not hard to implement. It is somehow a more static version of that trail of the Feist-character.

I think the game is not too hard, and the music is good, but a little bit repetitive.

via inbetween

February 15, 2009


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February 14, 2009


Actually, this one should be posted by my colleague Yu-Chung Chen since it was more his work bit he is busy or recovering or lazy or ass.

We recently did a nice project at KISD where we experimented with the the Wiimote and Flash. I was only involved as a supervisor, Yu-Chung actually did some (pretty hardcore!) development. Even though the results were still in an experimental stage, they were nothing short of amazing!

We will post some videos soon. Until then, here are teh photos:

Makeshift sensor bar 4

I really do hope that at least some of the guys will decide to continue working on the project as there is a lot of potential there. We will try to get it exhibited at the upcoming GamesCom.

Casual Connect Europe

I'm back from Casual Connect Europe.


I had a great time! The presentations were ok. I guess my problem was that most of them were either producers or from marketing and so the topics they covered were a bit remote and dry. We need to change that! Game Designers need to get more involved, especially the small flash developers!

But I was happy with my talk (video coming!) and the thing that made it all worthwhile was the opportunity to get in contact with a load of very interesting people. So if you are raeading this: you guys are awesome! Thanks again to Mr. Badim for having me!