April 22, 2008

JTR01 – the first ever Jahtari vinyl

Finally out on lovely wax is our first ever Jahtari-12″ vinyl, “JAHTARIAN DUBBERS”. Three heavy tunes by Blaze Dem, John Frum, disrupt from our upcoming label compilation album – plus an exclusive and new cut of Rootah’s “Holy Mount” appear here on this beautiful record. Every groove of it is filled to the max with deadly basslines, smashing delays and infinte deepness, just waiting to be discovered in full detail.

April 11, 2008

New Artwork for 2063music

A new coverartwork for the 2063music-netlabel.

New Artwork for 2063music

A new coverartwork for the 2063music-netlabel.

April 5, 2008

Mikey Murka 10″s on Scotch Bonnet

Out now on the fine Mungo’s Hifi label SCOTCH BONNET is a heavy EP by the Jahtari Riddim Force who team up here with Unity soundsystem veteran Mikey Murka. The release comes on a beautiful double 10″, one produced by old-school-digi-dubbist disrupt and the other one by the Jahtarian tape delay master Rootah.

disrupt – Samurai Showdown (NET-7″)

Take the warrior stance, draw your Katana and get ready for the Jahtari-ryu of dashing delays on this new NET-7″ by Dub-ronin disrupt! Prepare for beats as sharp as a battle sword, clashing blades, deadly moves of Ninja swiftness and basslines coming straight from the six paths of hell. All giving a nod to the great, undying myths and aesthetics of Samurai fiction, movies – and awesome arcade games!

April 4, 2008

awesome Bo Marley live video

Awesome video from Bo Marley performing their smash hit “Fleisch” live at KaosTV-Stoettefest in Kopenhagen / Danmark. Absolute rocking killah session – dig Maxe’s funky sports suit!

cave goes pop auf der re:publica08

mit ‘cave goes pop’ auf reisen, diesmal zur re:publica08. vortrag zur arbeit mit secondlife etc.