June 19, 2007


nice article about the virtual world of business meeting virtual worlds of seondlife.

cewl: continues work of the legendary

lots of people have used the awesome for information on the MMOG market which was created and maintained by SirBruce for many years, however since 2006 SirBruce has not updated the site.
in the tradition of now plans to continue the work of SirBruce.

great! good luck and success from 



June 18, 2007

Reminder: classic gaming and scene radio

I think this resources are well known, but just to be sure I post here this two golden links.

The first one is Nectarine, streaming 24/7 tunes from demoscene and gaming works.

The second one Kohina, streaming 24/7 tunes from classic games and oldschool demos.

June 14, 2007

SL cannot truly succeed as long as one company controls the Grid.

open-sourcing the secondlife-backend so sims can run anywhere on any machine whether trusted by lindenlab ro not

The following news i found on is a little bit older but still important, as i think the biggest problem of secondlife is the proprietary format of the whole system.
It refers to a blogentry from about "Platforms and Technologies Panel at VW07".

Pretty much the most interesting bit of this came at the very end, from Joe Miller, vp for platform and technology development at Linden Lab, makers of the virtual world of Second Life:

• We’ll be open-sourcing the back end so sims can run anywhere on any machine whether trusted by us or not.

• We’ll be delivering assets in a totally different method that won’t be such a burden on the simulators.

• Very soon we’ll be updating simulators to support multiple versions so that we don’t have to update the entire Grid at once.

• We’ll be using open protocols.

• SL cannot truly succeed as long as one company controls the Grid.

 "Having already taken the timid steps of open-sourcing the code for its client software, Linden Lab have confirmed that they'll be going the whole way, and will soon be opening up the server code for Second Life. This is big news, as it furthers Second Life's ambitions to be a fully distributed 3D network — built on interoperability and not owned by one company — a bit like the Internet itself. However, while these are much grander plans than simply being a provider of a proprietary 3D world (there are after all an increasing number of competitors), it begs the question of how Linden Lab plans to make money?

Right now, Linden generates most of its revenue through selling 'virtual land' a.k.a. server space and licensing the software needed.

Fellow ZDNet blogger, Dana Blankenhorn, asks whether this could in fact save Second Life? citing a number of different directions Linden Lab could go in, including:

  • Consult with companies wishing to sell through Second Life.
  • Support contracts for open source users.
  • Custom programming for Second Life extensions.

Additionally, it will be interesting to see who is first to offer Second Life hosting or use the server code for their own internal purposes. IBM would be an obvious candidate, perhaps offering corporate SL services. And for the rest of us? "GoogleLife", free virtual land — ad supported of course. It's certainly a possibility."


Platforms and Technologies Panel at VW07
Second Life to open-source grid; will Google bite?

META_UNLIMITED_RESEARCH MetaverseInfrastructure
Virtual worlds need open standards

June 13, 2007

Lance Kanno’s ‘my multiple hybridspaces’ in der faz

Artikel im FAZ Extra zur Art Basel am 12.06.2007

Artikel über Kunst in SL (PDF 452 kb)
Im zweiten Leben für die Kunst (link faz)
Interview Lance Kanno / Florian Kuhlmann (PDF 344 kb)
Mit Fuchskopf und roten Handschuhen (link faz)

June 11, 2007

coming soon :: the going mobile event

now. going mobile. 

after the great success of the i buy everything event, we will now focus on going mobile. using mobile-broadband-tech laptops and minidvcams we will leave the studio for hunting fresh and new images for a nice and groovy livestream we can send back to secondlife and mix with the images we get out of the virtual-system.

the webpage of the project dedicated the international is
please check by for update or contact us, if you want to take part.

my multiple Hybridspaces

after the small soloshow at the keenag-galery in ferburary 2007 florian kuhlmann - leading senior partners and of meta-unlimited and globalplayers - presented his first comprehensive soloshow at art space on DEsign island.

my multiple hybridspaces - exhibition on artspace | DEsign islandmy multiple hybridspaces - instalation in essen, zeche zollverein, germany

vernissage, exhibition, instalation AND|OR performance 

its the first soloshow with a complete overview of the work from the last two years.

the vernissage of the show was connected to a participation on a group exhibition in essen 'zeche zollverein'. exhibition and vernissage where at the same time exhibition and part of an instalation and a performance in real-space in essen.

connecting the stages, sl and rl - generating an open hybridspace 

both spaces, the virtual-space of secondlife and the realspace at zeche zollverein where connected over videoprojections and vidieolivestream. the audience of both spaces was always able to see whats happening on the other stage. the project is part of the experimental work with secondlife and livestreaming-technologies, like the hybridhappening, the goingmobile event or the exhibition at 'blaues haus, cologne' & kennag-galery.

the exhibition in the instalation 

take a look on flickr, for a complete overview of the images