February 27, 2007

metaverse-filets of the day

today i found 3 projects and took a little look:


 i know, i know, nothing really new. i should have taken a look for a while into '', at least to know if it is intersting for a further investigattion. i'll take a closer look in the following weeks.
sounds intersting, its possible to import 3d-models form 3ds-max - but it costs real money and: I HATE 3DSMAX.
it's one thing i really like in secondlife, the editor, simple and easy to learn.


funny guys, unfortunately no entry since july 2006, but the entrys you can read sound strange 


webside for the sl-project 'the port' - one of the places, really looking like cyberspace. and last but not least a wiki-magazin-project from 'the port'-team: 

the port - sealand 

February 26, 2007







February 25, 2007

exhibition of the virtual and the immaterial

february 2007 : presentation of the work done during the diploma at at the academy of media arts cologne
view on the left wall of soloshow

the work was partly presented in the galery-space in cologne and in the keenag-galery in secondlife. 

i was working for more than six months to develop some ideas and experiments with and in the the focus of the work was not only secondlife as the virtual space itself. 

the problems and question of the technological generated immaterial is one of the threads of my work. so idecided to implement this in my diploma-exhibition:

no art-objects! no physical artefacts!

i have to admit, there is still no way to present the stuff without a heavy bunch of technical devices, like pc, beamer, fotoframes, flatscreens, etc.

after thinking about technology or better parts of the problems of computertechnology - which is used to generate the virtual world - i believe afirmation is the only way to handle the technological created immaterial.
every other attitude must lead to the tracks  of Theodore John "Ted" Kaczynski, if it is thought to its last consequence ... 

questions about copyright/copyleft, about the worth of the virtual, supersurveillance and the poltical and social implications of cyberworlds are big issue, which have been handled by us now and in the future.

take a look at some images from the exhibition-space.

hybridliving, hybridhappening and digital collages:

ideas for a future hybridliving ( digitalimages on fotoframes):

the documentation and a videomix of the hybridhappening
( digitalimages on g4 and video on beamer ):

the collages from the net ( digitalimages on selfbuild fotoframe ):

the collages from the net and on the right the secondlife-stage with the exhbition of the collages at the keenag-galery:

view to the area in secondlife. it accomodates the as the meeting place for the public-cyberspace-developer-group:

the throne nobody must sit on. the object itslelf was placed atthe academy of media arts, only the image of the object was send over a videolivestream into the exhibition:


February 24, 2007

Activism + Social Transmission

found on "

"Second Life may or may not be overhyped, and may or may not be the future of the web, but I thought I'd share my experiences with it as I've worked on a documentary about political activism in SL. I've been surprised at how much I'm starting to appreciate its possibilities."

read the whole article 

February 21, 2007



February 20, 2007



February 19, 2007

Birth / New


February 7, 2007

Disrupt vinyl on WERK DISCS!

One from the blatant self-promoting department – but the news are just TOO nice: a heap of disrupt-tunes will be out on vinyl on the excellent London-based label WERK DISCS soon! The releases will include new tracks as well as some thouroughly re-worked Jahtari-classics, all expertly mastered and cut into finest wax for maximum niceness.

The Unity Story

Excellent story on one of the nicest labels of the Digital Reggae era in the mid- to late 80ies: Unity Sound from London. Lots of background info and vinyl tips! Groove along to oringal sound snippets while reading!

February 5, 2007

harvard law blog found in the profile of sl-member ‘serena scintilla’

students from the harvard law school started a little sl-project: 

just have a look.


February 4, 2007

Commodore C64 manual – on tape!

Why isn’t stuff like that being made anymore? A quickstart guide for
the C64 that came along as funny audio book on a cassette! Listen
and download [HERE].